• Homage Watch, What is It?

    Homage watch, it is something controversial. But what is it?

    If I have to explain it in a few words, a homage watch is "a watch that looks like another watch".

    Most of the time this "another watch", the homage watch is based on, is more expensive, and more well known.

    But a homage watch is not a copy or a fake watch of the said timepiece. A copy or a fake makes, for example, a Rolex Submariner with a similar case design and completed with the Rolex logo. Pretending to be the Rolex Submariner. That is illegal, a bad thing to do.

    A homage watch, on the other hand, is produced by a watch brand that has an own logo. There is a clear difference. And a homage is in a way established sub-genre of watches.

    But you have a bad image on homage watches, right? Is a homage a bad thing? Let's try to think about the following.

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